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Buying A Gift For A Mom To Be

If you are planning on buying a gift for someone who is expecting to be a mom, then this article is something that you should seriously take into consideration. While most people tend to buy things for the baby that is to be born, a lot of people tend to neglect the mother and not get her anything. Therefore, if you are reading this article it must have crossed your mind to get something for the mother. It is not an easy thing to do to get something for someone who is going to be a mum. It might be difficult as choices vary depending on the person. However, here are some tips that you can use to buy a gift in general for a pregnant lady.

Purchase Comfortable Clothing

One thing you can do is to get comfortable clothing. This is a very important thing as most pregnant mothers look for comfortable clothing. However, while they look for comfort, they also do not like to look like they are not dressed properly. Therefore, you should get their size and get them something like boho dresses so that they are comfortable and look fashionable at the same time. Ensure that you get the right size as this is important.

Purchase Things of Practical Use

This is in line with the above tip. It is important that you get the expectant mother something of practical use. This is because, they will need it. Therefore, instead of buying a really childish looking baby bag for her, you can get something like a luxury status anxiety handbags that will do the same job and hold everything that is necessary. In this instance you can even take the mother shopping and let her pick.

Take Her Shopping

Pregnant mothers or expectant mothers are almost always at home because they do not travel too much unless they have to go work. Therefore, if she is free and you are free, it might be a good idea to take her out and let her buy some things as well on her own. This way she will feel like she has had a good day and this will be good for health as well as the baby’s health.

Avoid Buying Food

One thing you should avoid buying as a gift is food. There are several things pregnant mothers can and cannot eat. Therefore, it is not a good idea to buy them food as it might be a waste or it can even be dangerous to them. Therefore, ensure that you expressly ask them regarding food, but in any case it is best to avoid this.

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How To Match Your Bag To Your Clothes

Accessories in general can make or break your outfit. If you want to look like a million bucks you will have to try your best to figure out a way to coordinate your outfits to your bag this way it will look seamless together. Here are some ways as to how you can match your accessories and your clothes:


Keep in mind that color matters most people forget this and carry any bag that they want. This is not always the case if you want to look stylish you must make sure that when you are wearing a black, white or neutral outfit to carry a colorful bag as then your outfit will pop. If you are wearing a neutral outfit you can even match it with a red or navy blue outfit too. Consider primary and secondary colors for the task as they will work seamlessly with one and another. Avoid green and red together as well as other colors like yellow and orange. You will end up looking gaudy and your pre owned bag won’t stand out either. Visit this link for more info on pre owned designer bags.


You must consider scaling this will help your design stand out. You can try wearing patterns and accessories which are in similar color pallets and designs. Some accessories and prints won’t go well together and will only end up looking tacky in the process. Try out ruffled, sequined and embellished items for a statement look. Scaling will include considering the shape of your bag inconsideration to your body type and what you are wearing. Women who are short must stay away from bags which are slouchy like a hobo. Small made or petite women must not carry oversized bags as it can only make them look a lot smaller too. If you are short avoid long straps. Make sure to balance out your bag with your body shape for a chic look.


Now keep in mind that accessories do not have to only be a pre owned Louis Vuitton for use either. A white t-shirt and jeans will make you stand out and you will look great too. Some handbags and shoes are interesting when matched with a colorful chain or big earrings. The item will stand out more then too.


Shoes will make your bag and outfit look better. You must consider wearing a pair of designer shoes which can be flat, wedged or stiletto style too. Make sure that they are comfortable and easy to walk in. Always pick the right accessories and mix and match them in order to stand out!

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