How Government Should Address Flood Problems

How Government Should Address Flood Problems

Mother nature can be really unpredictable and cruel, but this happens because of our contribution that led to the manifestation of climate change. One of the most important contributions that we could do in order to avoid flooding is by being responsible citizens helping out in the process of healing our planet. These are only temporary solutions to flood problems, wherein if the temperature of our planet continues to rise, then it will be much difficult for us or any government to find the best solution of this problem.
For over a decade, people have been experiencing mother nature’s powerful wrath through storms, hurricanes, and typhoons. Because of this catastrophic event that is being experienced by all countries of the world, it brought millions of people homeless, and cost billions of dollars for repairs and programs just so people would be able to rise up again. We were able to witness deadly hurricanes and typhoons that entered the area of responsibility of a country, and the aftermath that brought along with it. Government should be able to address this problem in order to save more lives and decrease the chances of people going through another terryfing experience again.

Underground structures
One of the effective ways to lessen the damages brought about by flooding is excavating an area for easier passage of water. This in turn could also be turned into a structure, such as a subway system or a tunnel, in order to still make use of it on a different purpose. This helps in minimizing the flood damage, and the government could turn to companies to see excavator dry hire rates Melbourne to allocate their funds. People are depending on the best decision of the City mayor to provide for this specific problem, and excavating an area would be beneficial in order to lead the flood on a different way or at least decrease the level of the flood. Another addition to this one is that it can be used as a sewage system of the city, it will act as a diversion canal and redirect the excess water to floodways, and towards temporary holding ponds or other bodies of water wherein the risk of flooding is lower.

Sand bagging
While it can be expensive for the government to excavate and may take a long time to finish the project, they should also provide homes with sand bags that will eliminate or at least lessen the water flowing inside people’s houses. There are specific companies that are catering to this kind of service that have sand bagging machine in order to quickly provide the demands of this product. When it comes to a private person, they can also opt to get on of their own. Sand bags have been an effective tool against flood, and has helped in salvaging houses, the things in it, and the people that live in it.As the Earth heats up, there is an increase of water levels that will be experienced all around the world. One of the best contributions for the government to do is lobbying a policy that will seek to decrease any contributing factor of climate change. And while we are still in the process of rebuilding our world, it would be best if the government should act instantly on this kind of problem while it is not yet the season for typhoons, as well as people would also be responsible on their actions that may lead to climate change.

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