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Easy Poses To Calm You Down and Achieve Feelings of Bliss

on June 24, 2016


Been stressed is not fun or entertaining and is certainly not pleasing for the ones around you. Yoga is said to be excellent in uplifting mood and spirits with its easy to do poses that lets mindset clear and refreshed. Yoga is not complex, it is simple and easy to do. There are few simple and easy yoga poses that you can do which will bring serenity, deviate from unwanted stress and calm down your mind and body. Regardless if you are a yoga expert or a beginner or just feeling like getting a good stretch on, here are some of the poses that you can try to get that energy boost and feelings of peace right to your core.
The child’s pose
Doing this pose will help your body rest and relax due to the ease of flexibility this pose consists of. It helps ease off stress and silences the mind and voices in your head. This pose is also greatly beneficent for the nervous system of the body and for the lymphatic system which is a vital part in the immunization of the body. Be sure to dress up or buy yoga pants which will facilitate flexibility when you are stretching out.
When you buy yoga pants be sure to check if they are original and breathable and made with the best of materials in the market. To do this pose, you need kneel on the yoga mat with both legs together and sit on your heal. Next bend your upper body forward where your chest rests on your thighs and forehead lays on the floor. Curl your shoulders downwards and place your hands back near your feet with palms facing up. Rest for 5 minutes and see how refreshed your mind and body is.
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The bridge pose
This pose is efficient to bring forth calmness to the body by gentle stretching of the back and legs. This pose helps reduce anxiety, backaches, headaches and even insomnia. This yoga pose has also been suggested medically to reduce high blood pressure in patients. To achieve this you need to lay down on the mat with your knees bent and feet places flat on the mat. Arms need to be laying on either side of the body with palms facing down and fingertips lightly touching the heels. Next gently press down the feet to the floor and gently lift your hips up and pressing to the arms and shoulders and lift your chest up high. Breathe in and hold that pose 5 minutes, release by exhaling and bringing back your spine and body slowly to ground level.

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