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Look More Stylish With Accessories!

on January 19, 2017

You should know very well how hard it is to choose a proper outfit when going out. But wearing the right dress is only part of the equation of how to look stylish. What really turns a nice dress into an extraordinary outfit are the accessories that you pair it up with! Accessorizing the right way can be quite a painful process though, so here are the basic rules that should know before heading out with your new necklace or pair of shoes for your friend’s dinner party:

• Choose the Right Amount – The mistake that many people make when choosing accessories is wearing too much of them at the same time. Often times, people try to wear all of what is in their possession, thinking that will help them stand out more. While the standing out part is true, is not due to how stylish you look, but rather because of an unnecessary cluttered look. Therefore, choose a few accessories wisely: even two or three of them are enough.

• Colour Matching – Matching the colour of your accessories with the colour or colours of your dress is a good idea to blend everything well and give an overall pleasant appearance. For example, you can match the red colour of your pants by deciding to buy burberry scraf HK of the same colour. Or you can go for shoes matching the colour of your earrings. While it is good to match colours sometimes, it should become a habit. Too much colour matching can lead to childish or outrageous looking outfits, especially with bright colours.

• Contrasting is an Option – Just as you try to do colour matching, having a nice contrast between the different pieces of your outfit and your accessories can sometimes lead to surprisingly awesome outcomes. For example, black and white work well in tandem, and can be complimented very well by blue or gold coloured necklaces or earrings.

• Look for Dress Patterns – A good way to choose accessories to wear is to select them in such a way that they match with any patterns which decorate your top or any other part of the dress. Got a floral pattern on your dress? Choose a necklace that blends in well with them. Or try to find one which has a floral pattern itself.

• Choose One Focal Point – One important point for wearing your clothes the right way is to give focus to one particular item. It could be your new blouse, gown, shiny new earrings or shoes. This is a good way to finally showcase all your new stuff: planning to buy Chiara Ferragni shoes to wear for next week’s party? Why not make them the star of the show? When trying to highlight a particular accessory or item, care must be taken not to steal attention away from it by wearing conflicting accessories.

• Consider Your Natural Features – People can have different skin tones and complexions, which also means that there are colours that work on certain people better than they do on others. For example, some people look better with gold jewellery, while some look better with silver jewellery. Try to compare and choose what fits you best.

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