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Should I Rent Or Buy A Grad Dress?

on July 7, 2016

It looks great to see yourself in a grad gown; it means you have graduated overcoming all circumstances. The function that takes place at the final day of your college is really amazing and you will feel proud while you are marching on the college ground by wearing the regalia.

Different universities have different academic dresses. But remember the price of these gowns is highly expensive. So, most of the students, who do not have financial ability, fail to buy this dress, but they must have it at the end day. In such cases, they end up renting a dress from their senior. But do you know that buying your graduation gown is better than renting it? However, both the options – renting and buying – have their own pros and cons.

Renting vs. buying

1. Are you earning side by side your graduation? If not, then how can you spend money to buy such an expensive dress? And for the most part if you are able to buy it then it will be a waste of money as you will wear it for only one day and the then this dress will have no meaning. So, you may rent this. But if you are earning or have enough funds, you can end up buying a graduation gown. It will worth it.

2. Are you planning to get further degree after completing graduation? The university you are employed in is providing further graduation? Make sure that if there will be any program like Baccalaureate or Opening Convocation after your graduation ceremony where you need to wear the gown. If there will be such programs, then you can buy the gown.

3. Try to know if your college or university gives this gown on rent. Some colleges would provide rental facility for those students who are unable to buy the dress. But nowadays it sounds weird. If you are unable to buy or unwilling to buy, and then try to know about that and take the dress in rent.

4. Make sure that the employers cover the rental costs. Sometimes, they do not ask the rental cost directly and then add it to some other expense and charge you high, which will be equal to buy a gown. So, it will be a loss to you. Before you take rent make sure about that.

5. Try to know if your institution provides the facility of passing the gown to the students who are graduated every year. Then it will be beneficial to you.

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