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Styling Tips For When You Are Pregnant

on July 3, 2017

Pregnancy obviously means growing bump, growing weight, growing cravings and growing gowns! Everything seems to be constantly increasing in size. But this shouldn’t make you feel down. In fact this is one of the best periods in your life and you should be able to make the best use out of it. You don’t have to dress all baggy neither should you feel limited with your choices. The trick is to make the best use out of whatever you’ve got. Here are a few such styling tips to help you out;

Dressing in layers

Layered dressing is the perfect styling choice to follow when one is pregnant. It helps a lot in mixing and matching to suit varying styles. It is also perfect because it is quite capable of creating a natural and effortless flowy look. While you could always choose to wear maternity wear suitable for this particular period you could also style things with your usual fancy wear. But keep in mind that comfort is key. Don’t try to squeeze yourself and your growing bump in to tight fitting clothes. Use knee length dress shirts, belly bands and stretchy t-shirts to create this layered look.

Dark colored outfits

Dark colored outfits are perfect for blending in with the crowd and removing attention from your growing bump. As this color shade is more than capable of making your growing bump and size seem smaller. It is the perfect shade or colored choice to be worn during this period. There are loads of stylish pregnancy clothes available in these colors to choose from. Accessorizing for this shade is easier. Thus making it an added benefit. You could always wear a simple black gown and pair it with some gold bracelets or studs, thus adding a whole new look for the simple gown. This shade is also capable of hiding little in-proportioned areas as well. Thus making it a better color choice option instead of the bright hues.


Flowy dresses are also perfect to hide the growing bump and also increase your comfort levels. Instead of feeling stuffed up with tight fitting dresses you could opt to wear a flowy sundress or a simple maxi as well. This is also easier to style and accessorize. It could also be worn anywhere depending on the way you style it. You could to go for simple prints with these as well.

One size more

Make sure to rock the baggy look as well. You obviously have to accommodate your growing bump within your clothes. So create room for it by buying clothes that are one size big. You could also use this after you give birth, all you have to do is style it with a belt and you are all set to go!

Follow the above tips and rock the maternity look like no other!

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