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Things To Consider Before You Start With Your Quilt Work

on September 20, 2017

If you are a newbie in the world of quilting work, then there are some tips and points to consider.

When you get started with patchwork fabric Australia there are a few essential points that you need to keep in mind. It is possible that you may find it a bit troublesome finding the right material or fabric for your quilt work. Yet, there is nothing much to worry about. These days, all thanks to the internet, that we have reliable companies that provide quilting fabrics online. Hence, selecting a fabric for your quilt work is no more a tough call. Are you hunting for a good quality fabric for your next quilt work? Below mentioned are a few important tips, which will be beneficial for you as a starter. The print and the color 

When you go through several fabrics, you need to ensure that you select a fabric which has contrasting colors such as dark and light. You should also carefully go through the color intensity of the fabric and the overall scale of the print (small or large. Eventually the kind of color that you select will reflect the way your quilt will appear at the end.

The feel of the right fabric

You should run your fingers over the fabric. You need to ensure than how it feels. Do ensure that the touch of the material is soft and feels inviting. You should select a material which makes you want to wrap it around you. After all, you are hunting for a quality and reliable quilt material.

Harmonizing effect

The fabric of the quilt should have harmonizing effect. It does not mean that the fabric should be flashy but it should match well with the rest of the fabrics. So, you need to choose the quilt fabric very watchfully. Its color should blend well with the other fabrics.

The Fiber Content

It is always better to select the quilt fabric in pure cotton so that you can work easily. This is the best choice.

The Pattern

Plaits and stripes make good quilt but buy extra fabric so that you do not run short while working on it. Single color fabric is very cost effective.


Check out the colorfastness so that it does not fade much in the long run. A fabric which will lose its color is of no use. It is just waste of money.


Do not opt for cheaper materials for your quilt, the fabric which you select should be treated as an investment. Buy quality fabric so that it lasts long.


A quilt for a baby should be colorful and the fabric should be soft and supple. Make sure that the fabric can easily be washed and it should be long lasting.

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