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Ways to Encourage Children to Take Up a Skill When They Are Young?

on May 30, 2016


Parents nowadays bemoan the fact that all their young children do is stare at a screen, whether that’s a TV, computer, iPod, iPad or a gaming console. Very few are interested in active, healthy pursuits like playing a sport or game, or developing an aesthetic talent. This is mostly due to the parents’ fault in the first place: by dumping their children in front of the TV to keep them stationary and occupied while they take care of ‘adult’ stuff, the parents effectively programme into the children’s brains the information that all their entertainment can come from a screen. To counteract these dominant messages that are perpetuated by mass media, take a look at the tips below. These will help parents to encourage their young children to become interested in something other than a TV:

Early Exposure

Ultimately, nothing we do will affect the choice of an individual in maintaining a skill or interest that they had as children, but if you want your children to be interested in something, start exposing them to it from the earliest moment i.e. from the womb. You want them to be musical? Play a lot of music around the house, make sure the baby mama and baby go to some concerts and shows. Sing to your baby, and don’t worry about whether it’s in tune or not – research shows that babies pick up the rhythms and beats of music even inside the womb and will respond accordingly after they’re born.

Subliminal Indicators

Most children will do the opposite of what you want them to, so never push them into anything. Instead, work by suggestion to let them feel what you want them to do. If you would like your son or daughter to take up ballet, leave some ballet flats lying around within easy grasp. Let them try it on and ask you questions about it. Siren Shoes lets you purchase a variety of shoes online depending on what you may need. 

Talk to them about how ballet will make them stronger, more flexible etc. Don’t ever pressure them into anything, as most young children forced into an art or sport end up rejecting it later. If they have an aptitude or inclination for it, children will go for it instinctively. So don’t buy them ballet flats in Australia as a birthday present and suggest ballet classes; wait for them to ask you for it.

Be Heavily Involved

Children are more likely to pick up things that they see their parents and other adults do, be they good or bad. If you and your partner are prolific readers and have books scattered around everywhere, there is a very good chance that your children will follow suit. If you do not read so much as a magazine, it is futile to expect your children to be readers, although like the eponymous Matilda in Roald Dahl’s book, some children show signs of specific interest independent of their surrounding environment. So try to be as involved in your child’s life and interests as possible.

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