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What It’s Like To Be A K-Pop Fan?

on January 5, 2017

K-pop or Korean pop music has slowly become an international sensation. It has gradually become popular worldwide and has now collected a loyal following of fans. There is even record breaking K-pop music on the billboards of other countries. This is largely due to the popularity of social media and the use of the internet.

K-pop bands have a lot of members in their group. The average number of members is 5 but some groups have more than that.Once you become partial to the music of a group you will find yourself looking into information about the members as well. It is a common occurrence for a K-pop fan to know the all the details about the stars in their favourite K-pop bands such as height, habits, preferences, their fashion sense etc. You might have seen most fans proclaim their love to the band by wearing items from a K-pop clothing store. You will find yourself browsing the web to any and all videos of the band members making appearances on TV shows, giving interviews on award shows, talking about their personal life etc. You will be able to remember the song by the opening melody of the song and know exactly what happens in the music video. Even though we find ourselves in the dark when it comes to remembering ordinary day to day thing, it can be surprising what are memory is capable of when our mind thoroughly excited about a subject. 

There are many companies and best shop outlets where you can buy K-pop clothing that promote your favourite bands, their popular songs and quotes. Since it is in a different language, non-Korean speakers will quickly learn words and phrases that are commonly used in their songs. They have their own terminology. It can be hard to understand at first but once you start listening non-stop, you will become quite used to it. If there are shows happening in Korea or they are releasing a music video, fans from other nationalities will stay up and wait, foregoing their sleep to be the first to listen to the new music and see it. There can be quite a gap between the time zones and sometimes you will find yourself in the middle of the night waiting for new material from your favourite group.

One thing about K-pop music video releases is that they release teaser trailers and images from the new clip prior to the official launch. This first glimpse can be quite exciting. Their music videos themselves are very elaborate and can even be as complicated as a movie. Because K-pop has become a global phenomenon, some groups now have members from different nationalities as well.

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